About Lucky Caballero

Lucky Caballero is an expert storyteller, whose unforgettable characters mirror true life, fighting for justice in an unfair world. In these twisted thrillers, there's no escaping your own fears. But for a dose of real terror, turn to Lucky Caballero’s terrifying psychological thrillers where the most chilling reads play with your head and remind you that real monsters are already hiding among us in plain sight.

Lucky Caballero is the author of twelve published novels, which have been translated into nearly fifty languages. Her recent books include thriller Never Let go, also the third book of The Craelis Chronicles Series Dark Destiny, and her third Claire Thomas mystery novel, Mortal Fear, which is a limited series.

When she’s not writing, Caballero rides her red appaloosa, Rowan and spends quality time with her pets, indoors and out. Much of her fiction explores deep-seated problems in our society and daily lives. She also enjoys taking a hands-on approach, interviewing professionals, attending forensic seminars, studying FBI profiling or studying evidence collection and analysis.

Lucky’s novels has brought her a fiercely devoted following across social media and the world, and she is known to be a very engaged author on social media and welcomes your thoughts on her work and writing in general. As any devoted reader will tell you, Lucky Caballero’s juicy thrillers make for an utterly compulsive reading that you can’t put down.

When not on the road for research or meeting readers at bookstores, libraries, book festivals and conferences, Lucky remains a homebody.

Formerly a lifelong Alaskan, Lucky lives on a ranch in eastern New Mexico.

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