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Lucky Caballero, a name synonymous with gripping supernatural fantasy and paranormal mysteries, is the creative force behind the acclaimed Craelis Chronicles and Claire Thomas Paranormal Murder Mystery series. Her life is as vibrant and diverse as her writing; from the tranquil ranch in eastern New Mexico where she resides with her retired construction worker husband who's more at home with a fishing rod than a hammer, and an assortment of animals, to the adrenaline-fueled days of breaking wild horses and competing in rodeos as a bronc rider across the United States. Lucky's past adventures infuse her storytelling with authenticity and daring, echoing the dynamic characters and intricate plots that have captivated a global audience, earning her a fiercely dedicated world-wide fan base and recognition as a full-time author who deftly navigates multiple genres with ease, best known for her compelling mystery, paranormal, fantasy, and crime thrillers. She is well known for engaging with readers and sharing her journey through social media, Lucky Caballero is not just an author but a storyteller who invites you into her world, both real and imagined. Her engaging presence on social media has garnered a dedicated global fanbase, eager for her next literary escapade. Connect with Lucky through her dynamic social media platforms or dive into her world through her books, where every page promises an adventure as unpredictable and spirited as Lucky herself.

Look for Lucky on Twitter @_luckycaballero, Facebook at, Instagram at, Amazon Author Page at or via her website and blog at and immerse yourself in the tales of a writer who lives as boldly as the stories she weaves.

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She lost him in a single moment... she let her five-year-old son out of her sight for the briefest moment and he seemingly vanished into thin air.

Traumatized by the disappearance of her son, Rachel Anderson will do anything to find her child. The boy's sudden, mysterious disappearance from a crowded playground makes front-page news and Special Agent Max Lawson takes on the case, certain that this is no ordinary abduction; the kidnapper’s pathological need for control and punishment for perceived wrongs is too great.

On the trail of vicious kidnappers, Special Agent Lawson learns the chilling truth of Rachel’s past . . . and of a horrific secret at the very center of a nasty little war. He knows that the people around Rachel are hiding something dirty. Something big that just might get them killed. Agent Lawson is in the midst of a personal crisis at work and at home,…when he realizes he has become emotionally involved with the missing boy’s mother, but the case becomes all-consuming as they learn that the mastermind behind Kyle’s abduction is plotting one, last, perfect crime… against all who stand in the way.

But they are already in way too deep to stop now as they are drawn deeper into a maze of lies, secrets, and deadly choices, overwhelmed by tragedy and struggling not to give in to her despair, Kyle’s mother uncovers a shocking truth: that the separate acts of violence that shattered their lives were really a long time in the making and the trail of lies, blame, guilt and notoriety which follow —are a long way from over.

Explore the thrilling world of this internationally bestselling author and uncover a captivating collection of psychological crime thrillers, cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, fantasy, self-help, and paranormal supernatural information books.

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But soon, his true nature emerges. He is a cunning and cruel manipulator, a vicious predator, a twisted psychopath who will stop at nothing to dominate her. He becomes obsessive, possessive, abusive, and violent. He cuts her off from her loved ones and makes her rely on him for everything. He watches and stalks her every move, he threatens her with harm. She is trapped in a nightmare with no way out. He wants to own her, to control her, to break her. She is a victim who fights back, but she has no escape. He has a sinister plan for her, and he will stop at nothing to make it happen. He will have her… or nobody will. She must find a way out before it is too late. She must fight for her life against the man who claims to love her.

He is obsessed with her, and he won't let her go, no matter what she does. She is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse, where the stakes are her life and sanity. But how can she outwit a master manipulator who knows her every weakness? And what secrets is he hiding from her? Can she escape his evil clutches before it's too late? Or will he make her pay for daring to resist him? Find out in this thrilling novel that will keep you hooked until the very end.

This is a captivating and horrifying psychological crime thriller that will take you on a wild ride. You will experience every emotion, every fear, every pain of the heroine as she tries to survive.

What if the man of your dreams becomes your worst nightmare? That's the terrifying question that haunts the heroine of this gripping psychological crime thriller. She never expected to fall in love with a monster. This is the chilling premise of this edge-of-your-seat psychological crime thriller. She thought he was the one. He turned out to be a nightmare. This is the chilling premise of this edge-of-your-seat psychological crime thriller. When she meets a charming and successful older man, she falls head over heels for him. He seems like her perfect match, her soulmate, her prince charming. He showers her with love and attention.



Peace had settled in Craelis for nearly a year, until a new threat emerged. A group of Lucero's followers had escaped from their prison and were plotting to revive their master. They had a sinister plan: to kidnap Selene's son, Leo, who was the heir to the throne and had a powerful gift of magic. They believed that by sacrificing him, they could bring Lucero back to life and unleash his wrath upon the world.

Miguel, Luna, Drakkarr and Selene were devastated when they learned of Leo's disappearance. They vowed to do whatever it took to find him and bring him back safely. They gathered their allies and prepared for war. But they soon realized that their enemy was not only outside, but also within. There were mysteries and secrets buried in the castle of Craelis, mysteries and secrets mysteries that could undermine their faith, their courage, and shatter their hope. There were also dark forces that called to Luna and Selene, tempting them to embrace their inner darkness and unleash their full power.

Luna and Selene faced a terrible choice: to follow their hearts or their duty. To save Leo, their prince or their kingdom. To fight for love or for Kingdom. To stand together or to fall apart.

In this thrilling third book of the Chronicles of Craelis, join Luna, Miguel, Selene, Drakkarr and their friends as they go on an epic journey that will push their boundaries and alter their fate. Explore the enchanting world of Craelis, where nothing is as it appears, and peril hides around every corner. Will they succeed in saving Leo and defeating Lucero? Or will they give in to the darkness that threatens to devour them? Find out in this gripping story, filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you hooked until the very end.

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Discover a captivating collection of psychological crime thrillers, cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, fantasy, self-help, and paranormal supernatural information books.


Claire Thomas has always been fascinated by the supernatural. She lives on a small island in Southeast Alaska, where legends of ancient beings and creatures abound. But her fascination with the paranormal comes at a price, as she struggles to balance her normal life and the hidden world.

Claire has finally found a precarious balance between her everyday life and the supernatural world when a string of murders occurs on the island just as a violent winter storm hits. The killer's M.O. is strange and eerily haunting, leaving behind bizarre and terrifying clues, leading Claire and Eli to suspect that whatever the creature is, it is something far more dangerous and sinister than anything they have ever faced before. The only thing that they know for sure is that the culprit is not human.

As the entire island falls into a wild, brutal winter storm, sightings of an ancient Louisiana legend known as the Rougarou seen stalking the islanders only add to the frenzied chaos. No one knows what brought a Rougarou so far north, or why it is hunting them. As the violent winter storm isolates the island from the rest of the world, panic spreads as people report seeing a Rougarou roaming the island, hunting the locals. The killings are bizarre and terrifying, unlike anything any one has ever seen before.

Claire and the shaman Eli’s apprentice, David, have realized that Eli is missing, and they begin a harrowing search for him, fearful that he may have become another victim of the Rougarou. Claire faces a difficult choice that could alter their friendship forever. As they search for him, dark secrets from Eli's past come to light. As Claire and David expand their search for their missing friend, they uncover the deadly forbidden secrets from an ancient past that could change everything. They must find Eli before he becomes another victim of the Rougarou, or worse. In their desperate attempt to save their friend, Claire and David risk everything to find Eli, aware in doing so, they risk unleashing a greater evil that could destroy them all. They must decide how far they are willing to go to save their friend and face the truth about him.

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Welcome to Lucky Caballero

Discover a captivating collection of psychological crime thrillers, cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, fantasy, self-help, and paranormal supernatural information books.


Tilly Bishop is a talented romance writer and a gifted amateur sleuth who loves to solve mysteries. She lives in Jensen Harbor, Alaska, a quaint fishing town where everyone knows everyone and everything. When she gets an invitation from Al Goldberg, a rich entrepreneur from the town, to join him and other locals on his new fishing boat, The Forget Me Not, Tilly is delighted, and she eagerly accepts. She hopes to reconnect with her old friend Harry MacGregor, a charming and rugged man who is devoted to his work as a state trooper based in Ketchikan and who is also on the guest list. Harry is a loyal and brave man who has always had a soft spot for Tilly. They are close friends. They update each other on their lives and plan to have some fun together. Harry tells Tilly that he is investigating a drug ring that operates in the region. A risky operation that involves some of the townspeople. Things go wrong when the boat encounters a fierce storm and has to take refuge in a secluded cove. There, they find Al Goldberg's body on the shore, stabbed to death. They soon discover that Al Goldberg was not a popular man. He had angered a lot of people in his business dealings. There are plenty of suspects among the passengers, including Al Goldberg's business partners, his ex-wife, and his employees... Who wanted him dead? And why? The mystery deepens when before nightfall, another guest vanishes. Tilly and Harry race to find the killer before they strike again.

About the Author

Lucky Caballero takes readers on an incredible adventure through her captivating literary works. As an internationally renowned author, she has gained widespread acclaim for her ability to dabble in various genres. From heart-pounding psychological crime thrillers to charming cozy mysteries, Lucky's range of storytelling is truly remarkable. But her talent doesn't stop there. She delves into the mystical realms with her paranormal mysteries and fantasy novels, leaving readers spellbound by her vivid imagination. Lucky also offers valuable insights through her self-help books and provides intriguing knowledge about the paranormal supernatural world. With her distinct storytelling style, Lucky Caballero has managed to captivate audiences from every corner of the globe.

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Dive into the world of Lucky Caballero's imagination through her extensive collection of books. With over 11 bestselling titles, Lucky Caballero offers a wide range of genres including psychological crime thrillers, cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, fantasy, self-help, and paranormal supernatural information books. Each book is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, delivering gripping narratives and unforgettable characters.

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